Thursday, November 6, 2008

Safe Spots

I quickly realized after flying into a low sec system I was so exposed. Of course I was dressed! But where do I go to have a look around and be relatively safe for a short period of time. Yeah , I need some safe spots. I headed back out to high sec, docked up, and started doing some more reading.

I found, what I think, is a very good explanation of all the kinds of safe spots in this wonderful blog: A mule in Eve (Getting your a$$ of the fire v2) written by Manasi. I have started using this guide since it was written and it has proved to work and be invaluable.

So, I'm off to make more safe spots. Remember to name them in a way that you understand where they are. I already learned the hard way on that one. Also, don't stay there too long in one safe spot. A good probe scanner will find you faster then I ever thought possible.

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