Friday, October 17, 2008


Blackheart started her life with nothing but the smallest of starter spacecraft and a few books to learn how to fly. I read those books carefully for I was starting in a new life. No longer a well trained Gallente pilot but a Minmatar newbling. New ships, new ways of fighting, new weapons, and so much more awaiting me.

I read somewhere long ago to spend the early days studying and honing your learning skills (an investment in the future). My ancestors taught me to have patience and it will be rewarded. So that is where I started. I spend weeks getting my learning skills training to perfection. I have to say it seems to be well worth the time. I train skills very fast compared to my first character. Now there are many that talk about and calculate payback time for investing in these skills. I only know that I feel well assured that I train skills about as fast as I can and I am progressing faster then I ever expected.

Soon I will be flying in a Rifter.

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