Friday, October 17, 2008

Why? I ask Myself

Why. Why do I want to be a pirate. As a previous character in Eve I have lived through great null sec wars, super battles, titans, etc. I have fought POS's, beat up on station services, scouted for endless hours in enemy space, and for what. For the thrill of holding or gaining territory (sovernity). Life in 0.0 is hard but, for me, mindless after awhile.

From this boredom a new character is born. A character refreshed and revitalized about what is to come. PvP is the key ingredient in most online MMORPG's but none more than Eve. Sure you can be a carebear your whole career, but the real game revovles around mano a mano PvP. Look into the eyes of that pilot and may the best pilot win. Where else can you experience this revitalizing life more then as a pirate.

I was never the type of person to hide behind mining, mission running, or other mundane tasks. Yes, of course these mundane tasks are so very necessary, but I want to do them as an alt. Experience the trill of the fight in your gaming life. The thought of losing a ship to a better foe or defeating a superior ship excites me and calls me to keep fighting. With every skill point and fight you can become a better pilot and experience the thrill of the adrenalin rushing to your brain. That thrill was lost long ago while living in null sec. But, low sec, now that is an unknown exciting place for me. A place I always sneaked and sped through usually cloaked to get to my destination in Empire or 0.0. Never did I give the inhabitants of that section of space a second thought. But, no more. Today I plan to adventure into that space. To fight, learn, make enemies, and hopefully some good friends.


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